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Hello Sustainable Travellers! If you need help with your itinerary or just want some travel advice, contact Travel Bunny. Let’s create a better world through sustainable travel! Travel Bunny loves to design travel experiences for others. Travel Bunny designs using her knowledge from…
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The Keep, Eco-residence in Salzburg, Austria

Imagine a keyless, receptionless, beautiful, biophyllic designed and upcycled accommodation in central Salzburg.  The Keep, Eco Residence is a 10 minute walk from the main train station, 2 minutes to thé Salzer river, 10 minute walk to the famous Mirabelle…
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Tales of sustainable travel

I have been trying to live and travel sustainably for 9 years. It’s hard and it’s not always convenient. For me it’s worth it, rewarding and it’s my choice. I left Australia 4 months ago on a 6 month trip…
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Travel and local curry in Tokyo, Japan

If you want to explore and see how the Japanese live and a more relaxed suburb in Tokyo, visit trendy Shimokitazawa for the vintage shops and cool small bars. This is where a hipster would head, as that is where…
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