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Services that Travel Bunny offers:

  • Sustainable travel itineraries

Travel Bunny will design your travel experience tapping into her wealth of travel information based on her own personal experiences. Through discussion with you on how you like to travel and what you like to see, Travel Bunny can provide recommendations for your next holiday experience.

Travel Bunny will do the research for you to find out where to go, when to go and what to do when you arrive. It just starts with a conversation about your next trip!

Here are sample itineraries of what Travel Bunny can create for you. In this itinerary you pick and choose the parts you want to do: Sydney 1 Day Walking Tour. This itinerary was custom designed for a customer for their European driving tour.

  • Sustainable travel advice

Do you have a few questions about a destination you have chosen? What to do, where to go? Or do you need some inspiration on where to go for your next trip? Ask Travel Bunny!

  • Travel writing

Travel Bunny has over 10 years experience at writing blogs or travel articles, if you need a guest post, just ask!

  • Photography

All photos on this blog are by Travel Bunny, if you would like specific photos taken, please ask.

If you’re interested in any of the above, contact me.

Pricing: You pay what you think my service is worth.

Payment method: PayPal 




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