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Today, we are destroying our natural environment and ourselves at an alarming rate. Travel Bunny dreams that through sustainable travel, future generations will be awestruck by our beautiful world, more than we are today.

Through sustainable travel:

– we bolster local economies
– respect, protect and conserve the local environment
– connect authentically with the local culture and are respectful of others.

That is why Travel Bunny Blog was born. To help share how we all can easily contribute to making our world better when we travel.

Most of us go on holidays and travel somewhere “exotic” to escape. You don’t have to go and volunteer somewhere to make a difference. You can do it by choosing where you stay, where you eat (ie spend your money) and being respectful of the local environment, people and culture.

Travel Bunny offers personalised travel itineraries & sustainable travel tips.

Let Travel Bunny do the time consuming hard work on what you’ll see and do, based on how you like to travel and what you like. And make it a meaningful contribution without compromising the way you travel or what you do.

Together, we can change the world to ensure the next generation will still get to enjoy it even more than we do today.

So who is Travel Bunny?

Travel Bunny a.k.a Miranda,  is an avid traveller who has trekked across the globe and worked in Australia, Ireland and UK in the past 10 years. In 2006, she travelled across Latin America over 8 months, touching all countries except for Venezuela, Suriname, French Guinea, Guyana, El Salvador and Belize.

In 2010-2011, she volunteered for local community and sustainable tourism operators in Thailand and Laos. Committed to helping the environment, people and economy of all countries. Passionate about people, our environment and salsa, you’ll find her dancing the night away everywhere. Moreover, passionate about sustainable travel: the pathway for all countries to a sustainable future.

In 2016 Travel Bunny checked out Indonesia and was amazed at the natural beauty there and shocked by the amount of pollution in natural areas. Swimming with Manta Rays in garbage infested waters is a clear example of the state of the world today. Vanuatu was slightly better but the tourism industry can do with a boost towards being more sustainable. Help me, help you and our Earth. Together, it’s possible.

To read more or learn about sustainable travel, click here.


Travel Bunny a.k.a Miranda

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