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About Hawaii: Seaside Hawaiian Hostel review

Travel Bunny stayed at the Seaside Hawaiian Hostel in August 2011.

The hostel being like any place in Waikiki, is a short walk from the beach (Waikiki is only 3 streets in-depth with 3 streets running the length parallel to the beach).

With a security gate surrounding the hostel, it is fairly secure.

The hostel itself is clean and has a friendly vibe. The offer quite a lot for a hostel, a nice courtyard area where there is also a TV for entertainment. The kitchen is well stocked and make available herbs and spices for your cooking needs! There are books and games available for guest use. There’s usually sunscreen and other bits and pieces that others that have left also available to be used. They also offer snorkels & mask for guest use which is very handy! ¬†Free wi-fi which is a little weak in the rooms, but they have a ‘surf’ bar where there are power points and bench space near the courtyard where the signal is probably better. They also have one laptop available for guest use if you don’t have your own laptop.

The hostel also offers a BBQ on Sunday nights for $5 and seem to have activities on every couple of days, including a trip to Manoa Falls on Thursdays.

The breakfast they offer is toast, coffee and tea. Better than nothing! You can purchase porridge if you want something more filling.

The rooms are a little older, but comfortable. The bathroom and toilet facilities are clean and do have towel hooks available. The bunks come with little privacy curtains which is a nice touch.

At about $30/night, it is well worth it and Travel Bunny enjoyed her stay here and would stay again.

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