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Cheap travel tip # 2: Time between flights

Leave about 3-4 hours between domestic and international flights in the USA, if you book the flights separately. 

 It’ll save you $$$ in flight change fees, additional accommodation & travelling costs.

 Fortunately Air Pacific’s flight change fees are a minimal $100 (compared to other airlines, apparently Qantas charge you $450 to change your flight due to a death in the family + you must show the death certificate!).

 My little mistake of booking cheap flights separately and only leaving 2 hours between flights cost me an additional $370 in accommodation and change fees alone. Add in activities/entertainment and food for 2 days of a further $260.

 P.S. The special circumstances supporting this tip were that my domestic flight ended up being 30 minutes officially delayed + 30 minutes sitting on the runway both due to unfavourable weather (thunderstorms) + 30 minutes for luggage to come out at LAX – Los Angeles airport = 1.5 hours late).

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