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About Hawaii: Waikiki Aquarium

Travel Bunny visited the Aquarium for a special occasion: The Great Hawaiian Luau, part of the OceanFest celebrating surfing legend: The Duke.

If it weren’t for the Luau, Travel Bunny would have been¬†disappointed with the aquarium as it were.

The aquarium is small, but does have a lot of interesting species on display in the tanks. You could spend a lot of time reading and looking at the detailed sea life in there. However, if you are a browser who doesn’t like to take in the biological details of the sea life then you can breeze through quite quickly. The only non tank sea life were a couple of seals lazily enjoying the afternoon.

The scene at sunset afforded a beautiful view of Waikiki. Coupled with traditional Ukulele music from the special Luau made for a great event.

Unless you’re a fan of aquariums or want to know more about the local sea life/environment, the aquarium is not recommended as a must see attraction.

View of Waikiki from the Aquarium at night

It is walking distance from the main Waikiki strip, and it is nice to walk along the waterfront and then along the park watching the locals start their BBQs in the afternoon.

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