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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

At first glance Gardens by the Bay reminded Travel Bunny strikingly of the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Particularly the two conservatories of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest were familiar like the Biome’s in the Eden Project.



They have done an amazing job in creating this wonderland of biodiversity and sustainability.

There is a strong environmental/climate change messaging through the signage and presentations around the park if you look for it. It’s also easy to breeze past and not read the signs attempting to educate those about our climate change issue.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

The majority are there to take photos and marvel at the beauty of the structures, which is a painful reminder that the majority of people do not care about sustainability.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay is definitely worth a visit. The prices are a little steep but worth it.

For the skyway walk between the Super Trees (which are solar energy powered) it’s $5 per ¬†adult. Takes about 5- 10 mins, depends on how long you spend taking photos.

The ticket office as near the base of the two entry/exit points.



The two conservatories are $28 per adult to visit both. Allow at least an hour in each place.

Bring snacks and water to keep your energy levels up. There are drinkable water fountains near the bathrooms. But best to keep a water bottle on you in Singapore’s humidity and top up at the water fountains.

Food at the Gardens is expensive and not recommended. Nearby Marina Bay Sands has a food court if you can manage to walk there for food. More expensive than the Hawker stalls, given it’s location but more variety that the Gardens allows.


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