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Los Angeles – Last minute costs

Travel Bunny stayed in Los Angeles mid June 2011 after missing her flight from LA Airport ( LAX – Los Angeles Airport), here is a summary of the associated travel costs for anyone else in a last minute situation (…
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Cheap travel tip # 3: Disneyland LA

Print off the coupon on the bottom of the Anaheim OC website for $5 off Disneyland Express to Disneyland LA (Los Angeles).   If you’re planning to take the Disneyland Resort Express bus to/from LA airport (Los Angeles Airport – LAX),…
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Disneyland LA review

By accident (there are no accidents! – Kung Fu Panda quote) I ended up at Disneyland LA a few days ago (due to missing my  flight to Australia, with 2 days up my sleeve I thought I might as well)….
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