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Cheap travel tip # 3: Disneyland LA

Print off the coupon on the bottom of the Anaheim OC website for $5 off Disneyland Express to Disneyland LA (Los Angeles). 

 If you’re planning to take the Disneyland Resort Express bus to/from LA airport (Los Angeles Airport – LAX), use the coupon to save $5 USD per person.

Regular fare is USD$32 return or USD$22. You must print of the coupon. For the coupon, click here.

I tried to use a photo from my phone of the coupon, but they required the coupon printed to apply the discount. Worthwhile printing, in my honest opinion.

The Disneyland Resort Express runs hourly with the last bus departing Disneyland about 8:30pm – they leave from 3 of the Disneyland resorts going to LA airport. The closest departure point from the Disneyland Park is from Grand California Hotel. Worth checking out this hotel on the way too, very grand and impressive.

 If you don’t catch the Disneyland Resort Express (coach/bus) and you pick up the Disneyland express (shared van/shuttle), you can barter the driver down for the same price of the $5 discount, just say you have a coupon, they don’t need to see it. But you do need to arrange a pick up time (or at least that’s what my pushy driver said, so I took the resort express back for convenience and less hassle).

Both were fine, the Disneyland Resort Express was more comfortable being a coach and felt a little more above-board. My hotel was near the airport and I just got a free shuttle to/from LA airport to catch the shuttle. Gave me total flexibility and didn’t have to take one of the tour buses (most advertise and promote VIP tours, of which your hotel get’s a nice $25 fee per booking). Worth doing and easy as pie!

Anaheim, CA

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