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About Hawaii, HI: Ala Moana beach park

If you’re in Honolulu and want to escape the crowds of Waikiki, only 20 minute walk away is the Ala Moana beach park.

Ala Moana Beach

It’s an unspoken rule that Ala Moana is where the locals hang out and Waikiki is for the tourists. However, as a tourist wandering around the beach each day, I wasn’t shooed away by the locals. So if you want to know about Hawaii and the local way of living in the HI (Hawaii) state, head down to Ala Moana Beach Park.

It was beautifully tranquil there with the quiet waves crashing on the shore. Plenty of waves further out for the stand-up paddle boarders and surfers.


Calm waters at Ala Moana Beach

On the green surrounding the beach were marquees and BBQ areas that families would sit in the evening with the food aromatically cooking to the soft sweet sounds of a Ukulele being strummed.

It was truly a little piece of paradise that I’d highly recommend to anyone while on the O’ahu island in Hawaii.

Buildings around Ala Moana Beach Park

Where is Hawaii and Ala Moana Beach Park:

Hawaii is located centrally in the Pacific Ocean and is one of the US’ 50 states. The Ala Moana park is ¬†located between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu. It’s free and is adjacent to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre, so commercial relief, food and drinks are close by.

Sunset at Ala Moana with a Paddle boarder heading back to shore

Honolulu, HI 96814

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