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Sydney Australia International Airport Food

Note to all travellers – if you are seeking food at Sydney International Airport, do not pass through customs first.

The choice of food after your pass through immigration & security is not very good. Cheapest you can get is McDonalds at about $7.85 for a meal deal.

From the small selection of chinese/asian food bars dotted around the terminal, it seemed to be priced at $15 and up for a plate of food. Quite ridiculously expensive. One Japanese place was charging $27 for Ramen (noodle soup) + drink.  It cost me $10 for 5 crispy Gyoza (only one side should be crunchy, not every side!) at the same place – Itacho Sushi. Really couldn’t recommend it!

There’s a great big food court to the right of the entrance to immigration (I found this on a map later). But it’s down past some shops so a little hidden. The worst part was being able to see the food court after passing through immigration through the glass, but not being able to reach it!

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