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Free London – Free things to do in london, Part 2

Continued from Part 1….

Permanently Free (cont)

3. Markets

Everyone know the usual markets around London, but there’s one that you might like to take a peek at: Alfie’s Antique Market. It’s full of all sorts of quirky and unusual things you may not usually see, like a genuine 1940-60s hair salon, where even the hairdresser’s hair style is of that period! Just outside the main central London area, this place is worth a peek, especially if you include a walk through Marylebone High Street.

Summary of other markets you can browse for free:

  • Camden – for the alternative and arty/crafty side of you (North-East)
  • Borough – for expensive gourmet, organic and straight from the farm food. Do check out the cheese shop there and Monmouth Coffee for a great flat white! (South Central)
  • Spitalfield’s – stalls change from vintage clothes to crafts, but now has boutique stores and lot’s of eating and drinking spots (East Central)
  • Portobello – antiques, food, clothes, everything! (West Central)

4. Free Parks

There are a lot of green spaces throughout London, here are just a few:

  • Hyde Park, which often hosts other free events like the Christmas Markets in winter.
  • Kensington Gardens, outside of which you can browse the artists selling their paintings/art work along the fence
  • Regents Park – beautiful gardens that are stunning in spring with cherry blossoms and tulips.
  • Hampstead Heath – great area for walking!

Continued in part 3


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