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Free London – Free things to do in London, Part 3

Continued from Part 2

Permanently Free

5. Music/gigs

There are a lot of free music and other events on in London, here are just a couple of regulars:

  • Barbican Centre – often have free lunch time concerts and during festivals on the weekends
  • Ain’t Nothing But –  small cosy blues bar in central london (Soho), you have to get in early to get a seat!
  • Guanabara – during the week they have live bands and have free entry before 9pm (generally). They also offer free Samba classes on certain nights.
  • Ronnie Scotts – legendary Jazz bar in Soho, central London. Free before 9pm on Wednesday nights for the late night Jam session (starts about 10:30-3:30am). Awesome.
  • Watching the awesome roller skaters and roller bladers in front of the Serpentine at Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon. Boombox out and they disco on their skates like it was 1979.

    Mosaic of a scene from Hitchcock's "North by Northwest", Leytonstone tube station

6. Tube Station Art

Around London, there is a lot of free art to be seen, especially around different tube stations. Of note are:

  • Tottenham Court Road (Central Line – Red)- arty mosaics cover the inside of this tube station
  • Leytonstone (Central Line – Red) – mosaics from Hitchcock’s movies line the pedestrian tunnel in and out of this station. This is where Hitchcock grew up so the mosaics pay homage to the great director.

Mosaic at Leytonstone station of the famous scene from Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.

  • Charing Cross (Northern Line – Black)- has murals along the Northern Line platform of the construction of the station.
  • Clapham North (Northern Line – black) and St John’s Wood (Jubilee Line – grey) – have interesting lamps lining the escalators. It’s cool!!

    Cool lamps at Clapham North tube station


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  2. Phill Heyden

    Hello, how’s it going, saw on likedin you changed jobs. Thought I’d have a quick look……..

    In blog 2 did you mean Hampstead heath? Museum that’s a bit quirky, most londoners don’t even know it’s there

    More groupon type deals – also has 365 things to do in london

    maybe when i have a bit more time i’ll think of some other stuff

    1. Travel Bunny (Post author)

      Hey Phil!!! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the ideas and also – thanks for the pickup on Hampstead Heath. I’ve corrected it now! Thanks a lot! Yes, I use LivingSocial too and am subscribed! I bet you and Helen use that a lot.

      Thanks again and yes, please do visit again – you know more about London than me! 🙂


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