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London cheap Chinese: Baozi Inn

As a general rule asian cuisine is cheaper than others and usually fairly accessible while travelling. In London, it is no exception. Around Chinatown (central for tourists) there are a number of restaurants offering decent meals for £5.50. Currently London is…
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The Proms – things to do in London in summer

The world famous BBC Proms has begun this summer already. Aptly tagged as the ‘The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival’. Even if you are not a classical music fan, it is definitely something to try out while in London. If…
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Free London – Free things to do in London, Part 3

Continued from Part 2… Permanently Free 5. Music/gigs There are a lot of free music and other events on in London, here are just a couple of regulars: Barbican Centre – often have free lunch time concerts and during festivals on…
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