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London cheap Chinese: Baozi Inn

As a general rule asian cuisine is cheaper than others and usually fairly accessible while travelling.

In London, it is no exception. Around Chinatown (central for tourists) there are a number of restaurants offering decent meals for £5.50.

Currently London is quite cold for April (snowing yesterday) so a nice bowl of hot noodle soup goes down very well.

The Baozi Inn specialises in buns (hence it’s name). It has quick service and remarkably good ambience from it’s design for a chinese restaurant.

Baozi Inn


Price: Average £7.50 for a dish (affordable) – cash only!

Service: Quick, no frills

Ambience: great interior design, feels very quaint/rustic and clean.

Inside Baozi Inn

Try: House special – spare rib (pork) & winter mushroom noodle soup

House special noodles

Recommended: Yes!


Chinatown, Soho, London , WC2H 7JS


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