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What to do in Abu Dhabi International Airport

If you’re lucky enough to be in transit (a.k.a stranded) at Abu Dhabi International Airport after midnight for 9 hours, here’s a few things you might want to know:

1. There’s free wi-fi

2. There are power points to charge your devices along the walls opposite the gates  (ie next to the travelator) and also at 2 poles between Gate 31 & 32

3. There are reclined chairs between Gate 31 & 32 behind the children’s playground

Reclined chairs between Gate 31 & 32

Not usually many children around, seems to be a known haven for people who want to have a sleep or charge their devices.

4. Shops and food court is open 24 hours.

Duty Free Shops


5. Toilets near the duty-free shopping area is better maintained that the others (ie there’s toilet paper available for us spoilt westerners who feel the need to use it).

6. There’s drinking water fountains around – mostly accessible near the toilets.

7. On average a beverage (coffee/tea) will cost you about 17 AED (Dirham).

8. There are Travelex ATMs around and the money change desk is open 24 hours too.

Main tips:

1. Check your toilet cubicle has toilet paper first or BYO!

2. Bring a blanket as it’s cold in the airport

3. Bring your own device if you want to avoid using the standing computers that have free internet connections on them. Not the most user friendly, but does the job if you need to connect quickly.

4. Yum Cha asian food place in the food court is the best value for money eating spot. They do Western style breakfast (eggs etc).

Food court!

Enjoy the airport!

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