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Reviews on things to do, places to eat and drink in London

London Underground: Free wifi – the truth

So while Travel Bunny was in London, there were a lot of Yoda advertising signs about free wi-fi on the Tube. Most people seemed to think it didn’t work. It does work but you need to access the virgin media…
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London restaurant: Pinch! Cheap London restaurant

2 years since I’ve been to London last and the prices feel like they haven’t moved. This find in Hammersmith is proof! If you’re seeing a show at the Apollo (Hammersmith), this is a great place to pick up a…
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London cheap Chinese: Baozi Inn

As a general rule asian cuisine is cheaper than others and usually fairly accessible while travelling. In London, it is no exception. Around Chinatown (central for tourists) there are a number of restaurants offering decent meals for £5.50. Currently London is…
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