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London Underground: Free wifi – the truth

So while Travel Bunny was in London, there were a lot of Yoda advertising signs about free wi-fi on the Tube. Most people seemed to think it didn’t work.

It does work but you need to access the virgin media site first through your browser and it’s only available at certain stations, not between them.

It’s not brilliant and to be honest you’re not likely to be at the platform that long to be able to go to the site and login etc then access the TFL site (as it’s not free range internet access, just access to TFL and Virgin). Travel Bunny managed to do it once and check a journey but that’s about it. Unless you’re with Virgin Media you can’t access the whole world-wide web…

Here’s the full details by Virgin themselves from their site:

Everyone using the London Underground will have free access to the Virgin Media WiFi Portal for the latest Underground travel news and London information.

Full Internet access is available for no extra charge to Virgin Media customers with home Broadband or Mobile Pay Monthly. Customers of EE and Vodafone can use the service at no extra charge but please check the eligibility conditions for your provider.
Other London Underground customers can get full Internet access by buying a WiFi Pass from Virgin Media. These are available to buy either online before you travel or via the WiFi Portal when you are underground.
Choose from the following WiFi Passes:
1 Day – £2.00
1 Week – £5.00
1 Month – £15.00
Don’t forget to look out for special offers from time to time.
We’re proud to present WiFi internet access at over 90 London Underground stations, with more still to follow.
You can use any WiFi-enabled device, like smartphones, tablets or laptops, to connect to the Internet via WiFi when you’re using the London Underground, The WiFi connection is available in ticket halls and platforms, though not in tunnels or between stations.
We’ve installed WiFi hotspots in selected Tube stations so that you’ll have wireless Internet access from the moment you enter the station at street level until your Tube train leaves the platform.
There’s no coverage between stations and in tunnels but as soon as the train enters the next WiFi-enabled station your device will automatically re-connect to the internet.

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