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Pulp Kitchen @ the Soda Factory

Pulp Kitchen menu

Wow, Sydney certainly has a lot of great bars and restaurants on offer.

Travel Bunny’s most recent excursion was last night to the Soda Factory for the Pulp Kitchen nights.

$5 shakes and royale with cheese! A very good $5 menu.. filling and tasty!

Pulp Kitchen menu

With the right music setting the scene, this cool Sydney bar has definitely won awards for a reason.

While the staff aren’t the friendliest, the vibrancy of the place and decor definitely make up for it.

The food was decent portions fresh and tasty. Who could complain for $5?

The movie was being featured on a small part of the wall.

The live music at 8:30pm drew a crowd but may not be everyone’s cup of tea being a lot more contemporary to the 60’s music they played earlier in the evening.

For bigger groups reservations are recommended and if you want an area with more lighting, as it’s quite dimly lit. Reservations close at 4pm on the day.

Definitely recommended for the value for money, ambience and coolness factor!

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