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The Proms – things to do in London in summer

The world famous BBC Proms has begun this summer already.

Aptly tagged as the ‘The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival’.

Even if you are not a classical music fan, it is definitely something to try out while in London. If you are a classical music fan, then you must ‘Prom’. The event is so big that it is it’s own verb: promming is something to be experienced while in London!

The BBC website has a great detailed description of ‘How to Prom’

For the real experience (I’d only recommend once for comfort), line up at 4pm or earlier at Royal Albert Hall to queue for your £5 tickets to a world class concert. This entitles you to standing room only in the middle of the Royal Albert Hall that becomes very stuffy and similar to a mosh pit at a popular music gig. It is not for the faint hearted.

Be sure to bring a picnic basket as you’ll be queueing for a few hours before entry.

If you like the comfort of a seat, you can prebook tickets, but it won’t be as cheap as £5. Ticket prices vary, but you can book here:

You can purchase tickets for as little as £7.50 with a restricted view. It really is a festival for all. Very affordable. If you can do it, you must try promming (queueing and standing for a 2 hour classical music concert!).

Concerts are on everyday, check the schedule. It’s on in 2012 from 13 July to 8 September. Something not to be missed!

The Royal Albert Hall where most of the concerts are held is an amazing building to see inside, and what a great way to see the inside while at a world famous festival: the BBC Proms.

Happy Promming!

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