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Sustainable Travel tip #5 – Enviro-bags

When I travel (or go out around Brisbane – my home town), one of the things I always take with me (other than my water bottle!) is my enviro-bag.

It’s a reusable sturdy material bag that rolls up neatly into a small soft holder. It takes very little space in my pocket or handbag and is really useful for small or bigger purchases. It saves me taking yet another plastic bag or remembering the ‘green’ or other recycling bags that most shops/grocery stores will have for sale.

As it’s a soft material, it’s compact & light (perfect for travel), but then can expand and actually hold a lot of groceries/products! I often find that I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but then remember something that I need to get. It’s very, very handy, especially when travelling!

There are many suppliers of theses enviro-bags. Envirosax is one company that has included recycled material into the production of their bags. So it’s even more environmentally friendly!


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