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Bike Chicago – best way to see the lakeside

If you’re so inclined, cycling by the lake shore is great way to see the Chicago beaches and lakeside on the northern end. Definitely recommended and is a great sustainable way to travel and see Chicago.

There are excellent bikeways all along the lake that make it very easy and a scenic to enjoy a couple of hours cycling. There are bikeways north and south of the city, so it is very accessible and not far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Be ready for the winds from the lake, a scarf was required even in April!

You can see views of the city skyline from along the bikeways.

With a Groupon voucher the cost was very affordable at $20 for two people on a half day hire with:

LakeShore Bike

3650 N Recreation Dr, Chicago, Illinois 60613

Usually it’s $30 per person for half day hire. Half day was enough especially for being windblown for the full two hours.

The team at Lakeshore Bike were friendly and located by the tennis courts in a little hut. They had a variety of bikes available for rental and all fit for purpose.

It was worthwhile signing up to Groupon temporarily in the week(s) before visiting Chicago:

For other general Chicago discounts, please check this site out for regular discounts (like the Architecture boat tour):

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