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About Hawaii: How to Surf on Waikiki

There are a number of places to rent surfboards along Waikiki beach. Just look out for the little marquees/shacks just back from the beach or on the beach. You can’t miss the stack of surfboards lying out ready to be used!

Surfing at Waikiki

Most of the price is standardised as is most of the service.

Some do offer a lock up area for your belongings. Star Beach Boys that have a few kiosks along the beach do not have a lock up area and to  be fair their service was not the best. They just have an open area where you can dump your bag, but leave it at your own risk.

Right near the statue of the Duke you’ll see Star Beach Boys on the right (if you’re facing the water), there was another supplier on the left that when Travel Bunny chatted to them, they seemed to offer a better service/generally gave better advice about surfing conditions. They weren’t out just to take your money.

Statue of Duke, during Ocean Fest where many pay hommage to the great man.

Longboards are the main type of surf board supplied. You can also sign up for lessons during the day. Lessons vary from price from $50 – $70 per hour for individual lessons.

Rentals start at $10/hour for a long board. They also have stand up paddle boards, boogie boards etc.

Cast of thousands that learn to surf at Waikiki everyday

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