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Free Sydney Festivals Part IV

Yes there’s even more free festivals, I guess that’s what happens in a city with such great weather and large population.

Marrickville festival was last Sunday on 19 October, perhaps one to watch for next year as I believe it is annual. It coincided with SoulFest which was on Saturday 18 October in Marrickville (but was a paid event).

Chocolate festival was on 4-5 October which coincided with the Manly Jazz Fest. Workshops on raw chocolate and chocolate recipes were abundant.

Upcoming is:

Open your City (from 23 Oct – 29 November, every Thursday – Saturday) – Sydney city

Not quite festival, but for some free fun for a limited time – Heineken and Uber are bringing this mystery night for app users. It actually sounds like a lot of fun!

(From the Heineken website:)

The Heineken Chauffeur is available from 6pm – 9pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until 30 November 2014. Maximum of four people per experience. Like all great adventures, ours are one-way only. Availability will be limited.

Garage Sale Trail – Saturday 25 October – Australia wide

Great promotion of recycling and sustainability. The classic Garage Sale now organised into a route you can make your own for your local area to find a bargain.

Check this out on Saturday. Free to browse, up to you if you want to spend! 🙂

Norton St Italian Festa (Sunday 26 October 2014) – Leichardt

Who doesn’t want to enjoy good Italian food? This Festa revitalises Sydney’s Little Italy and comes complete with Nonna’s cooking demonstrations. Family friendly event in Leichardt. Apparently it’s also Grandparents day, so looks like a day for all the family. 🙂

Festival of Change (7-9 November 2014) – Pyrmont and other locations

A 3 day event in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. There are a couple of sustainability workshops threaded in the program with the main focus being on well-being and inspiring change in your life. Plenty of great workshops to register for, entry and participation is free.

The Minimalists (free talk) – 10 November 2014) – University of Sydney

2 guys originally from Ohio are giving a 90 minute talk on how to live the simple life – tour is named after their book: Everything Remains.

They are touring all over Australia and the world, so check the link above for details of their tour. And they are doing this for free because they believe their message should be shared.

Check out their 30 day minimalism game. Not a bad idea and definitely something that all Travel Bunnies should keep in mind. You only keep what is really necessary!

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