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Sydney Night Noodle Market 2014

The 2014 Night Noodle Market has the usual favourite stalls and more. Great festival with free entry as part of the Good Food Month. It’s also in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

There is a new Hawker Square for sitting/drinking.



Also new this year is a ping pong table area!


Bao’s are certainly showing their popularity with 2-3 stalls solely dedicated to them with others keeping them on the menu.


The popular Ramen burger is back but slightly hidden in one corner.

New Shanghai do great dumplings, however as with all the food there, somewhat overpriced.

Pan fried Pork buns from New Shanghai

Pan fried Pork buns from New Shanghai

Each sponsored area have made a good effort an creating a different feel for their drinking/eating area. The Citibank VIP area remain the same.


While the rain had prevented a few nights from continuing, the markets are on until 26 October.


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