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Sustainable Fish and Chip shop, Coogee, Sydney

So it’s the perennial question: where can you get good fish and chips at the beach?

One of Travel Bunny’s eco spies pointed her to JP McCaffrey’s traditional fish and chip shop at Coogee.


Much to Travel Bunny’s delight: the fish are sustainably sourced! They even have a screen above the counter explaining the issue with the shortage of fish in the world.

Not only that, the cardboard packaging the food comes in is recyclable as is the cutlery. Love it!


Not as cheap and cheerful as the old-fashioned fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, but I think they are onto something here and for the price and location I think it’s worth it.


Great friendly staff in a warm inviting shop. Located near the Coogee Pavilion so a little way further from the throngs.


The Gravy chips were delicious!!! Definitely traditional coming from the British isles!


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