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Bondi Beach, Coogee clean up Sydney beaches

The Responsible Runners group started cleaning up Bondi beach last October and now the goodness has spread to other beaches nation and Sydney wide.

What a great idea to keep these beautiful beaches available for generations to come (sustainable travel principle).

Bondi beach, Sydney

Anyone can join in and help. Even tourists just passing through. All volunteers are welcome and it only takes 30 mins of your time.

Travel Bunny has been hopping between Bondi and Coogee helping out on Sundays. The people are great and it feels rewarding cleaning up the beautiful beaches. There is an incredible amount of rubbish, especially cigarette butts on the beach! See the pictures below.  The people are great and it takes no time out of your day, especially if you’re already at the beach! These are pictures of collections Travel Bunny has been at recently:

Coogee clean up 29 September


So if you’re at Bondi or any beach around Australia about 6pm, look for the Responsible Runners group (usually with big bags to collect the rubbish and a makeshift sign). 6pm in summer and 4pm in winter. You can keep up to date with your local group or follow the national group here:

A great way to travel responsibly while you’re at the beach in Sydney. Meet some locals and help the environment at a beautiful location and it’s free! The team bring all the gear including gloves. What more could you want? 🙂

Captivating Coogee Beach on a September afternoon.

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